RaveOS: GPU Cryptocurrency Mining Software

GPU Mining Made for Scale and Simplicity

RaveOS helps you manage and monitor your GPU mining rigs from one simple dashboard.

We support all Nvidia 10 series, AMD rx470-58, Radeon, R-series, 7, Vega, RX 5000-series and 20-series within a seamless interface.
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Full support for GPU and ASIC mining rigs; from small to large mining operations.

Complete dashboard for mining management and optimization
Fast and easy setup and installation for GPU and ASIC
We make it simple to control and monitor all key metrics
RaveOS Product Features

Full Featured Mining OS

Track KPI such as power usage, uptime, hash rate, overall electrical costs, and more in a visual format.
Custom Mining:
Custom mining gives you the ability to add new algorithms, miners, and pool addresses easily
Real-Time Wallet Management
Wallet management is simple and direct with real-time swapping capabilities, so you can update your rigs easily.
Mobile App
The RaveOS mobile app gives you the ability to manage all your rigs on the go.
Shared Admin Access
Share admin access to your rigs without giving up control.
Top-notch support
Our excellent support team is ready via email or Telegram to assist.
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Mobile App

Try our mobile app “RaveOS”. It gives you the opportunity to monitor, manage and quick react to any situation. It is FREE!