Better Hash Rates With Less Power.

Everything crypto miners need in one powerful dashboard to increase hash rate performance and stability with less downtime and power consumption.
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Full support for GPU and ASIC mining rigs; from small to large mining operations.

Complete dashboard for mining management and optimization
Fast and easy setup and installation for GPU and ASIC
We make it simple to control and monitor all key metrics

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Easily manage and monitor all your rigs in one place

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Try our mobile app “RaveOS”. It gives you the opportunity to monitor, manage and quick react to any situation. It is FREE!
RaveOS Product Features

Full Featured Mining OS

Track KPI such as power usage, uptime, hash rate, overall electrical costs, and more in a visual format.
Custom Mining:
Custom mining gives you the ability to add new algorithms, miners, and pool addresses easily
Real-Time Wallet Management
Wallet management is simple and direct with real-time swapping capabilities, so you can update your rigs easily.
Mobile App
The RaveOS mobile app gives you the ability to manage all your rigs on the go.
Shared Admin Access
Share admin access to your rigs without giving up control.
Top-notch support
Our excellent support team is ready via email or Telegram to assist.
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Why Our Customers Love Using Rave:

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Anton Gykalo
...the downtime of our mining hardware was significantly reduced, our electricity consumption was lowered, the performance of our service team was significantly optimized.
Sally Robson
Product support comes first when we are considering a new service. Do yourself a favour and choose Ollie, we have found the support to be second to none.
James Hillier
It's hard to overstate how useful Ollie has been to our business. Kudos to the team - I'm speechless.
Debra D
I was already in love with the product, but the after-sales support was what sealed the deal for me!
Christopher C
I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the template for our business. So much flexibility and variety. I've been having a blast creating our business's website!
Sam Kent
When I saw how easy it was to copy and paste the sections I was sold. Ollie has everything we needed and more to create a site for our client – we will be repeat users for sure.
Karina Ho
Using Ollie made it easy to experiment with different layouts and design combinations.
Clara Walsh
We've been using it to quickly build sites for clients, then customising quickly via the style guide. It's SOOOOOO easy.